Engagement Photography

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Photography is part of every wedding.  Practically every couple walks away with an album and portraits that memorialize their special day.   More and more couples are embracing engagement photography as an entirely different but important piece of their wedding preparation.

A good wedding photographer will catalog one of the most important days of your life.   You will walk away with lovely formal portraits of you and your new spouse, as well as with your closest family.   You will have a record of your ceremony, your first dance, and cutting the cake.   

While the wedding photographer captures this formal public event, engagement photography is about something much more personal and intimate.   It is about capturing the love you feel as a couple as you are about to start your lives together.   

Booking an engagement photography sessions gives you opportunities that you will never have with traditional wedding photography.   For your wedding, your portraits will be done in your gown and tuxedo.  You will be photographed wherever there is suitable space within your wedding venue.   You will be in a restricted time window, as you have an actual wedding to attend to.  Nearby, you will have dozens of family members, hundreds of guests, and lots of demand for your attention.

Your engagement session is just about the two of you.   It is an intimate chance to capture the love you feel for each other.   You can wear anything you want.   The session can be held almost anywhere, from your home, to a park, to Times Square.   The session can be done at a time when the sun is most golden, it can be done at night for more dramatic shots, and it can be done around your schedule.  You will walk away with portraits celebrating a young couple in love with each other.   

An engagement session allows far more freedom and artistic expression than your wedding photography.   In contemplating your session, you should consider the following:

  • Your photographer can recommend locations, but you should feel free to give your own suggestions if there is a place that you find meaningful.
  • Look good and feel good.   Great engagement photographs will capture the happiness that you bring each other every day.  Formalwear is not generally recommended, but you should dress nicely.  The couple should coordinate (not match) outfits.  Particularly for the bride, consider getting hair and makeup done professionally.  It is a great opportunity to test out a vendor for the wedding.
  • Consider any special images, props, etc, and discuss them in advance of your session.   The engagement session is about fun, love, affection.   Shots with your pet, a lifelong stuffed animal, or family heirloom can create memorable images.   The one critical prop to remember, is to wear your engagement ring.
  • Dress nicely but comfortably, especially comfortable shoes.  An engagement session can last anywhere from an hour to all day.   It will likely involve some walking from spot to spot, to capture an array of different moods in different spots.
  • Relax and be yourself.   Forced smiles are unnecessary.   As a couple, you will touch, kiss, laugh.  Your photographer is honored to be a witness to your love, and to provide you with images you will hopefully cherish.  
  • Go big.   When it comes time to view your proofs and order images, you will likely want some digital images to share on facebook,twitter and instagram.  You may want a 4X6 to put in a scrapbook or in a small frame on an office desk.   But I strongly recommend framing one or two really large prints -- 16 X 20 or bigger.   This becomes a piece of art that will really stand out as a centerpiece in your home.   Walls are large spaces, and they take a large piece to really get noticed.   Just as you would not be satisfied with a 19 inch television on the wall of your living room, you should frame a photograph that will leave a lasting impression.

Spending a lifetime together, you will have videos and photographs of your lives together.  You will likely have albums filled with vacation photos, eventually photos of your children, and photos of a life together.  This is the opportunity to preserve high quality images of the happiness you have together, before you are formally Mr. and Mrs.   


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